Precision Marine Refinishing specializes in boats/personal watercraft repairs & paint anything from minor touch ups to complete resprays, our other services include:
Detailing, trailer repairs, custom graphics, air brush & sign writing.

Plus our close association with marine trimmers, mechanics and boat/personal watercraft dealerships means as an interested customer of Precision Marine Refinishing you can have all these arranged through Precision Marine Refinishing & receive personal service.

Insurance claims is a major part of our business and we deal with all insurance companies regularly and have done so for many years, now with insurance companies along with boat manufactures recommending our services to their customers more & more every day Precision Marine Refinishing is growing to cater for a larger clientele.

Precision Marine Refinishing has a long association with many Boat Insurance Companies and our experience with insurers is one of our strengths, we can handle your claim from start to finish making the process as painless as possible. We know our customers do not make insurance claims on regular bases so the claim process sometimes can be some what daunting, especially now that digital imaging with insurance companies is becoming a preferred process in some cases. This means assessing claims can be done a lot faster which equates to less time off the water but without the experience in this process it can sometimes be time consuming.

So our years of experience dealing with claims processes can lessen the burden on you & relieve you of any concerns that may be coursing unnecessary worry.

Call us for advice on any issue regarding repairs or maintenance to your vessel, we are sure we can help and if not, we probably know someone who can.


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